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No Small Matter does a great job in brandishing rock music’s innovativeness with a guitar orchestra approach to a crafty composition with sharp lyrical content.

Volume deserves to be outright blasted for this is a full body experience. Towards the end of the track they simply let it rip in a way that feels particularly earned.

No Small Matter thrives on white hot, grunge-inspired rock and roll – at least with this song.

These three guys have been able to shape their sound and blend their talents to create a very distinctive and energetic groove!

Zach Connelly is absolutely phenomenal on vocals and bass whilst you can hear the fantastic guitar playing of  Gordon Zemotel complimented by some much needed drum action by Zach Duncan.

This band has a unique way to approach their melodies, and more importantly, they are able to create tracks that are catchy and dynamic, without necessarily compromising the authentic energy of this track

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Whilst most alt bands are busy making sure that their complicated hair looks just right and ensuring that they are wearing the right designer labels, No Small Matter just get on with the task at hand.

With influences that range across the board, fans of everything from ’90s alternative rock to ’00s pop-punk will enjoy what they hear as soon as they press play on No Small Matter’s Spotify playlist.